Since we have been talking in various threads about setting up various OC events and some people are asking how to do it, I figured I'd share my experience since I missed some stuff when I set up mine.

1. Start a new topic with a good description in the subject including at least date and city
2. Add a calendar item with same information to OCDO
3. If you have Facebook, setup an event and add that link to the event.
4. Notify (not permission) the place where you will be having it - optional.
5. Notify local media
6. Invite local LEO (city, town, county, state) - optional.
7. Create flyer if possible and post in areas around town. If you put it online, others can help with this.
8. Research local law. If they have an anti-OC ordinance, put that in the forum so we are at least aware we are skirting local law.
9. Look to see if enough private land is around meet site so that GFSZ is a moot point. If not enough, post if any schools are within 1000'.

Please add on as necessary but let's try to keep this thread on topic! (ha!)