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Thread: Look and Feel

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    Look and Feel

    Does the forum software support skinning (different looks) and if so, will the admins consider it? =)
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    Lightbulb that would be cool..

    good idea..

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    The software running the forums (vBulletin) does support a wide variety of skins and features, the real question is the amount of work it loads onto the folks running it to make the changes and keep things running.

    (My sites run vB, also, and the custom stuff takes more work than most everything else.)

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    Anything we can do to remove adds from the latest post so we don't have to view it like this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by since9 View Post
    Anything we can do to remove adds from the latest post so we don't have to view it like this?
    Sure, become a paid membership only site. The ads support the operation of the site.

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