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Thread: WI Assembly 56th District (Fox Valley)

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    WI Assembly 56th District (Fox Valley)

    The primaries are right around the corner! The 56th district covers most of the Fox Valley (Oshkosh, Neenah, Appleton, and of course Winneconne). Anyways, I just wanted to pass on what I've found through my talks with both Jay Shroeder and Michelle Litjens. There is a 3rd candidate, but I have not contacted him.

    Michelle Litjens: First said she was for concealed carry PERMITS, then retracted her statement 2 emails later, and said she was for unpermitted carry. I get the feeling her answers were being tailored to my questions to get my vote, because this is not a mistake that someone would normally make if they actually believed it. She also said she'd like to continue our discussion AFTER she was elected...

    Jay Shroeder: he only quotes the 2nd Amendment on his website, but I called for clarification, and he told me (without being baited) that you shouldn't have to pay for a right. He is for unrestricted concealed carry.

    If anyone would like the emails from Michelle, I'd be glad to post them later. I don't have any emails from Jay other than his phone number, as most of our conversations were held over the phone or in person. As a side note, I'm not specifically promoting EITHER candidate, but since CC is an important issue to me, I thought I'd post my findings.

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    great to know- thanks for sharing.

    Its funny just how little some candidates know about the issues that affect us "regular folk" on a daily basis. I was able to speak with a gubernatorial candidate (to remain un-named) about an issue that is important to me and I got a similar answer that seemed to evolve with my line of questioning. Our conversation finished with an "I'd like to talk more about this with you later"--apparently I caught him off guard in front of potential voters.

    Out with the old, in with the new in November!

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