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Thread: My Labor Day Weekend

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    My Labor Day Weekend

    Hello Fellow Wisconsin Open Carry Advocates.

    Those who have followed my posts know that I am a former Wisconsin resident who has recently moved to Utah (Utah is a contender for the top gun friendly States in the USA).

    I love camping and really wanted to go camping this weekend, until another opportunity presented itself. And - I am glad I postponed personal gratification and went to 3 (very long) days of "school" instead.

    A Utah based company (DOA Tactical) that travels the USA offered a Labor Day weekend series of NRA training courses about 40 miles south of where I live. Most States require that CCW instructors be NRA Certified Instructors with an NRA Certified Instructor - Pistol rating (or current Law Enforcement POST Certified Instructors- Pistol) - and some States also require NRA or Law Enforcement POST Range Safety Officer Certification- Pistol. The thought is that the NRA Certifies a standardized course of training and qualification and the State CCW instructor course just teaches classroom law (since all NRA Certified Instructors must have NRA Basic Pistol Marksmanship rockers plus go beyond that to show that they can put 10 of 10 in a 5-inch group at 21 feet. - This far exceeds any Law Enforcement qualification requirements. It is the equivalent of getting 300 of 300 on a B-27 Law Enforcement Target. - For those unfamiliar with the B-27 target - it is 30 of 30 bulls eye hits within a 5-inch grouping.

    This weekend I gave up camping and spent some serious time in a classroom setting (and have a sore butt to prove it), and also spent some serious time on an outdoor range. Instead of going camping, I earned the following NRA Certifications:

    NRA Basic Pistol Course - Course Completion and Marksmanship Qualification Certificate
    NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
    NRA Certified Firearms Instructor - Pistol
    NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

    Why am I posting this on Wisconsin Open Carry. Well, because now I am going to sign up for Utah CCW Instructor Certification. After I get that Certification, and the next time I return to WI to visit family and friends I am going to offer the Utah CCW course in Wisconsin for "cost". If not enough people sign up to cover my legitimate costs, I will offer the course for the lowest cost of any Utah CCW instructor who advertises in or bordering WI. In no event will I charge more than the lowest fee charged by any Utah BCI Certified Instructor offering courses in and for the State of Wisconsin. I am doing this to "give something back" to the friends and mentors I have had in Wisconsin during my days of open carry in WI when the movement was still young.

    My family lives in Janesville, but I have a friend with an aircraft hanger at the East Troy airport and that is likely where I will present the course. If I earn the rating before the snows fly here in the West (and in WI), I may return in a month or two. Otherwise, I will be doing this next spring. Otherwise, if somebody has a facility in the Janesville or East Troy / Mukwonago area, I could do a course there.

    My cats support the Second Amendment. NRA Life Member, NRA Instructor: Pistol, Rifle, & Personal Protection - NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Utah BCI Certified Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor.
    "Permission Slips" from Utah, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida. _ Verily, thou shalt not fiddle with thine firearm whilst in the bathroom stall, lest thine spouse seek condolences from thine friends.

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    I think I might have to take you up on this. I would like to get a "permission slip" when I visit family out of state. Thank you.

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