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Thread: Smith & Wesson Sigma SW40Ve .40 Cal

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    Smith & Wesson Sigma SW40Ve .40 Cal

    I had been reading around the internet for quite some time about the Smith & Wesson Sigma SW40Ve .40 Cal and noticed some weird reviews about it. It seems as if everyone is split in a perfect 50/50 as far as liking this weapon goes.

    Anyone have any information on it? Own one?

    Just looking for some opinions....

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    i owned it's baby brother the 9ve and liked it well enough. it had a heavy trigger but sometimes that's a good thing. it was accurate and reliable enough too, i just outgrew it.

    a good starter pistol tho.
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    Don't like the trigger?? Change the striker spring via Wolf Springs. The changeover will lighten the trigger by 3 lbs and make the pull more controlable. I speak with experience owning two sigmas, 9 and 40, and the switches did work well.

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    Thanks! I decided to buy the .40 and I like it, I've taken it out and shot it quite a few times and the trigger pull that everyone keeps talking about beleive it or not I like.

    Planning on using this weapon for my OC and with it being there for SD purposes a harder trigger pull I think is a good thing. In the heat of the moment and the adreniline rush that would occur should I ever have to fire would overpower the trigger pull and I doubt I would even notice it.

    Up against my friends M&P I feel much more secure with the Sigma trigger pull, after shooting mine then his it felt like his went off way sooner on the travel, not a fan of that.

    I wouldn't mind buying the 9mm verson just to have them both.

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