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    New Member , North Idaho

    Greetings all, I live in the silver valley and have open carried sporadically for a few years, I have lurked this site for a while now, and find it interesting and informative, I dont see many open carry up here, and not too many posters from this neck of the woods...look forward to participating more in this forum

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    Welcome to the forum Raines...I'm also new here and have found the same down here in the south...I feel like I'm the only one who open carries, but I do it anyway. I know it's not the case however and so I encourage you, like I am, to spread the word, invite other carriers and help make open carry the norm! Look forward to hearing of some of your experiences!

    And if you are close enough to Spokane...hop over and say hi to the open carry guys!

    OC meeting this Saturday 9-11-10, 9 AM at donut Parade 2152 N Hamilton Spokane Wa
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    Carry On!

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    Welcome Raines!

    If is not too far out of your way, come join us in Spokane this Saturday morning for breakfast.
    Keep Calm and Carry On,


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