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Thread: Positive Encounter with Metro

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    Positive Encounter with Metro

    I was at the local stop and rob near my place, standing at the cashier, waiting for the system to precess my debit transaction when a Metro patrol officer walked in and got behind me. as I was waiting he asked me "Is that safe to carry with the hammer cocked like that?" I said, "yes, It's the safest way to carry a loaded 1911." He asked why that was. I informed him that the safety would not engage without the firearm cocked. with the firearm cocked the hammer would be immobile. He then said, "thank you, that was good information." I asked him if he was unfamiliar with the operation of an M1911 and single action type semi automatics, he said he was only familiar with revolvers and double action semi autos.

    I think he was new to the force, I would be nice if Metro would give more detailed familiarization classes. All in all it was a good experience.

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    Dude. He needs to go to a gun store and 'play' with a few weapons.

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    He could do a bit better in "firearms familiarity."

    But like NV Carrier said, it was a GOOD encounter!

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