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Thread: Nice chat with LVMPD

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    Nice chat with LVMPD

    I was in town Labor day weekend taking care of some things. Went to breakfast at the McD's where Adam had issues before, right next to the Del Taco i got my MWAG call. Met some friends, hung out a bit. When i was walking out there were some kids wearing shirts from my old high school. Walked right next to them, one of the guys goes "What the hell?" and said something along the lines of hes just walking around with that?

    I was out the door, and he wasn't talking to me, so we kept walking. Went to Starbucks, 2 motor officers inside, nodded and smiled to them, even though they didn't see I was carrying since my weak side was towards them.

    When i was walking out with my friends, we walked right in front of the drive thru exit, just how the parking lot works. LVMPD was getting drinks from the window, noticed that both officers looking at me.

    Guy driving pulled up to where we were standing infront of my truck, and asked it it was a 1911, i told him it was a Browning Hi-power in .40, and we continued talking guns for a few minutes. Turns out we both like Glocks, but hate the grip angles on them, love the XDMs, and so on.

    Nice little chat, the officer was very knowledgeable about guns, obvious hes a gun guy, not a "i have to carry this thing around cause my work makes me" guy.

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    As it should be. Glad that turned out well for ya.

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