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Thread: Open carry hiking clubs - what a great idea!

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    Open carry hiking clubs - what a great idea!

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    I open carry while Geo-caching.
    Has started some interesting conversations when I "run" into another group or individual Geo-caching, or even just hiking.
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    Now that I have a pistol I don't mind getting wet and dirty, I might OC when I go "hashing". But I won't be able to go into any of the pubs they tend to put on the courses, being in NC...

    Maybe I'll have to start hashing in VA...
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    When I first did wilderness adventures in the 80s, the dangers were largely absent. Then I moved to the west coast, where we had moose, bear, deer, cougar, fox, and various other nibblers in mine, my ex-wifes, and my son's campgrounds over the last 2 years.

    Here in Colorado, we can expect to see about half of it, and I most certainly carry while camping trips!
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