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Thread: Police shootings raise questions, cause outcry

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    Police shootings raise questions, cause outcry

    Disturbing questions, public outcry in wake of fatal police shootings

    "Is the public outcry following fatal shootings by police in Seattle and Spokane Valley justified?

    "Because some disturbing questions have arisen in a couple of those cases, the answer is yes, and this column doesn’t take that position lightly...."

    Or try this:

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    What are the disturbing questions? They seem to remain unasked.

    1. Have some cops become "trigger happy"?
    2. Have some cops decided to shoot first and ask questions later?
    3. Do some cops think a badge and a gun put them above the law?

    I also have some doubts about the recent shootings. I guess all we can do is wait until all the facts are made public.

    In the meantime, I hope I don't get shot protecting my property from a prowler.

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    What's interesting is that the investigation is still ongoing, but higher ups at the SPD are already apologizing and telling the public "police make bad decisions too."

    Sounds like someone's being thrown under the bus!

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    In the Seattle shooting...

    What was the reason (RAS) that officer Ian Birk had to even talk to the wood carver John T Williams? If there is no RAS that a crime had been committed or was about to be committed then the stop/contact was illegal per the 4th amendment. If the stop is unconstitutional then anything that follows would be inadmissible in court. Therefore officer Birk would have committed something far more than a poor stop. I suggest a bus ride to Walla Walla would be in order.

    If the answer to the RAS question is that the small knife was the reason for contact, then I would suggest that officer Birk's perception of a knife over 3 1/2 inches (which is silly) and his contact for mere possession of the knife is substantially questionable, and his judgment skills as an officer of the law need to be fully reviewed and a map printed with directions to the unemployment office.
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