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Thread: Amite Wally World

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    Amite Wally World

    Anyone been asked to leave Amite Wal-Mart for oc? I've never had a problem in there personally, and when I spoke to corporate they said that they sent out a memo to all managers instructing them to follow their local laws. I was also assured by corporate, that where legal, store employees could not ask you to leave soley for oc'ing. I only ask because on another forum someone is insisting that not even off duty cops con oc in there and people have been thrown out. I've never had an issue. Anyone have problems?
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    Been there several times, no problem..
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    Never been to the Amite WM but I shop in the Baton Rouge WMs and have not had any problems, so far. That said, other OCers HAVE had problems at the same WMs and have been detained and escorted out. Your Milage May Vary.
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    if there be any truth to this then down with wally world i guess when i get a holste rill go make a test run and let yall know haha

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