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Thread: mayors against guns to mexico?

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    mayors against guns to mexico?

    I know has nothing to do with OC but wanted to share. sorry for some reason I can't reply to posts. I called the ATF today to ask about their findings of US weapons in Mexico and after 20 mins of wait time, I got my answer talked to a field agent and he said that their has been no confirmed firearms that belonged to american citizens, ATF has confirmed US made weapons that were stolen from the US army's armory and US marines armory that's what they have seen with the firearms that mexico is giving them also Mexico's cooperation is not that good. but to get all of the detail I have to get a FOIA, so tomorrow I'm on my way to see that field agent.

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    That would make sense, and surprised the BATF gave you that answer.

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    Last time I checked, I didn't give any guns to anyone who wasn't a citizen of these here United States of America.

    Heck, it's hard enough getting me to give one of my guns to anyone... to shoot for three minutes at a range.

    Oh, and go get em. I can't wait to see what you turn up.

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