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Thread: Gun Show in Onalaska

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    Gun Show in Onalaska

    Wisconsin Carry, Inc. will have a table at the Onalaska gun show this weekend (Sept 10, 11, 12). This is an opportunity to meet with fellow OC supporters in the La Crosse / Onalaska area.

    See for details.

    Hope to see you there

    Carry On
    Hubert Hoffman, Vice President
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    Do you need help at any particular time Hubert?

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    The gun show went well. WCI was able to sign up many new members and did a great job spreading the message of open carry to the Onalaska area. We had good conversation with a lot of people and had the opportunity to make some new friends. Life is good, carry on.

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    Thumbs up Gun Show

    Gun Show was the typical Bob and Rocco show.

    On another note, I ran into a couple of LEO's that I knew from a security job I held a few years ago. They both mentioned to me that they look forward to getting Doyle out of office so we can get a legal carry passed in Wisconsin.

    They had already been over to the OC booth when I talked to them.

    I had two brand new OC's with me at the time. They both look forward to more OC'ing.


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