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GRNC-PVF Alert 09-10-10:
Newspaper - GOP Could Take Both Chambers in NC

In an article from the New York Times reprinted in the Charlotte Observer, a number of states who could potentially take one if not both houses in their state assemblies are noted. North Carolina is one of these. The Times also astutely notes - as GRNC has pointed out - that in this pivotal election year aligning with the census, that the controlling party will be in the driver's seat on the matter of redistricting for the U.S. Congress.

A quick flashback to the year 2000 reveals what could happen if we don't take advantage of this historic opportunity. In that year, then state Senator Brad Miller was a leading hand drawing these districts. That resulted in the 13th U.S. Congressional district of which the first and only holder of that seat is none other than Brad Miller himself. It has proven to be an incredibly safe district for Miller, one of the most reliably anti-gun votes in the House. Do you wish to see this snafu repeated due to overconfidence and inactivity? No, you will surely want to take advantage of this perfect political storm. What you do now will lay out the landscape that gun owners will navigate for the next decade. Do you want a strongly anti-gun incumbency until 2020 like you have had to deal with for most of the last ten years? Help us help you.


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