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Thread: New to Utah

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    New to Utah

    Hello everyone, it has been a little while since I last logged on but I just moved to Orem. I unfortunently had to sell my pistol to pay the bills but now have a good job and am looking to get a new OC gun. Anyways, I have a 10/22 I need to sight in and was wondering if anyone has some info on ranges or places to do some target practice in the Provo/Orem area. I see that there is an indoor range in the orem rec center and a range near squaw peak, so if anyone has used these places or has some other insight, it would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the UC!

    Welcome to Utah County!

    You are correct, there are a handful of indoor and outdoor ranges here in the valley, some of them are...

    * The indoor range at the Orem Fitness Center.

    * An outdoor range near Squaw Peak operated by Provo City.

    * Discount Guns and Ammo in Provo.

    * Rangemasters of Utah in Springville.

    I personally do not like indoor ranges, and do the bulk of my shooting in the West Mountain area near Payson.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Jensen View Post
    Welcome to Utah County!

    I personally do not like indoor ranges
    Both of those.

    The Provo range is a great place to sight in a rifle. Also a great place to take kids and new shooters because for $10 you get exclusive use of the range for 3 hours. You have to go to Provo twice (get the key, return the key). Or you can go when they're open to the public and pay $2. It's a nice range.

    At the Orem Rec, you might get an hour, you might only get 15 minutes for your $4. If you're FAST, and 50 feet is far enough it might do for you. But I only go there when the weather makes it impossible to go anywhere else.

    I just sighted in my son's 10/22 Saturday a little further up the Squaw Peak road (out of Provo, into the National Forest). No benches, no cover, and it wasn't flat, but it was free.

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    Welcome to Utah! Good luck on picking up another handgun.

    Keep an eye on classified. There are a lot of weapons posted on there.

    Orem is a bit far for me. Don't think I have ever even been there unless I passed thru it going to or from Idaho. So I will have to pass a range trip.

    Enjoy the freedoms of OC'ing in Utah. It's a great place to be.


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