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Thread: OC at Golf Course?

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    OC at Golf Course?

    I am new to this forum but have voraciously read every post here (twice so far) and really appreciate all of the insight offered.

    My question is: Would it be legal to OC on a golf course with a liquor license? The laws as I have read and understand them would seem to indicate that it would be illegal since: you were on their "premises" and could not invoke the parking lot exception. Yet, on the course you would be presumably nowhere near the area that normally serves alcohol. Just curious as I do not golf. I am looking at all of the licensed establishments in Albuquerque and am seeing some that arouse my curiosity.

    There are a number of liquor license types that need some clarification. I see some listed as "Common Carrier" which would obviously not be the same as "dispensing" but see many that are not dispenser licenses but would still likely be a risk. We know that "Restaurants" (as a specific license type) are covered by statute but how about liquor license types like Canopy, Wine Grower, Brewer, Lottery, Wholesaler, etc. They are still liquor licenses but not Restaurant or Dispenser types. Also, I see that the city of Albuquerque has a liquor license. Wouldn't that make anywhere within the city (except roadways and parking lots) off limits? Any thoughts?

    Sorry to keep editing this post but reading a list of all Albuquerque liquor licenses is proving interesting. I don't see any Denny's on the list for ABQ.
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