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Thread: Oregon gun dlr in trouble in WA with the feds

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    Oregon gun dlr in trouble in WA with the feds

    Watch Northwest gun case become fodder for prohibitionists

    King was indicted earlier this year after federal agents tracked him from Blaine the popular U.S.-Canada border crossing point to McMinnville, and then right back north to where they nabbed him in Ferndale with firearms and ammunition. Authorities allege that King knowingly made false statements and fraudulent application for entry as a non-immigrant, according to the McMinnville newspaper.

    Or try this:

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    At this point I am inclined to ask "how did this partnership get their FFL application approved." Didn't the BATFE bother to investigate their application or was it just "pencil whipped"??

    Was there any followup like the "annual inspection" that is alluded to in the application process?

    As to the comments regarding "sniper rifles" I seriously doubt that most media members would recognize a real sniper rifle even if one was being used to give them a "colonoscopy". A good old reliable hunting rifle was the basis for today's sniper rifles with Carlos Hathcock using a Winchester Model 70. The Remington 700 also became a Sniper rifle. The only way a rifle can be a "sniper rifle" is if it is in the hands of a sniper. Otherwise it is just a hunting or target rifle.

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    Well I actually kinda agree and kinda disagree with you there levin.

    Any rifle with a scope can be used for "sniping" HOWEVER a weapon such as the Mcmillan Tac-50 is PRETTY MUCH designed to be one thing and one thing only....
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