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Thread: Need a republican or conservative governor!

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    Need a republican or conservative governor!

    I'm concerned about this governor election. If Tom Barrett wins, we won't make any progress with advancing gun rights in the state. Barrett would much rather run against Neuman than Walker. Neuman has raised relatively little money. Most of his campaign is funded with his own personal funds. His plan is to beg for money from the republican party after winning the primary. Walker is well funded and hasnt blown all of his money on the primary. Neuman has few important endorsements. He lacks the Republican party endorsement. He has alienated many republicans and Walker supporters.

    Many democrats are voting for Neuman in the primary because they know he's vulnerable if not a guaranteed loser in the general election.

    I really don't care which of them wins the general, as long as we have a governor who will sign pro-2A legislation. Either Walker or Neuman will. Barrett won't.

    Please at least consider this when deciding whom to vote for tomorrow.
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