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Thread: national parks OC? CC?

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    national parks OC? CC?

    is it legal to OC or CC in national parks here in Arizona? im planning on visiting Coronado National park and just wanted to make sure..

    thank you.
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    State law applies in National Parks and Monuments. If it's cool with the state, it's cool with the feds. You still can't carry into any building "where federal employees are regularly present for performing their official duties". Not sure if that applies to the janitors who clean the toilets. Don't carry onto any tribal reservations, as they are frequently very near to National Parks.
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    Carry in accordance with the law of the state the park (or part of the park) is in. I open carried at Grand Canyon, Olympic, and a couple of others with no trouble at all. No going into buildings though. -- Outhouses could be considered a grey area.

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    You are good to go. I open carried there on Feb 22 when it became legal and did not get hassled, and have many times since.

    Just don't enter the visitor's center at the base of the mountain road and you will be good to go. You may see Border Patrol at the trailhead; they don't blink an eye and in fact will probably chat you up a bit.

    Let me know if you want some company when you visit.

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