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    New CCer

    A week ago I received my permit. It has taken me about another week to find the right time and place to take it out of the house. In Nebraska you really cant take it out every where you would think. If you read the law about it, there is only three places you CAN have it with you.

    1. On your property. 2. In a car being transported. 3. In a business that allows or does not have the sign prohibiting. And for #3 I've been scouting all of the local businesses entry doors and anything saying no weapons allowed.

    If any of you out there have thought about taking a CC class I would recomend doing it through Nebraska CCW training out of Lincoln. Heres the website with Chris Zeeb & Roger Terrell.

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    Regarding where you can/cannot carry, check out Be sure to post your experiences. If you are CC, this will mainly consist of whether places are/are not posted. If you are OC, it is dependent upon posting and reactions of customers, employees, etc.

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    Be very aware of Omaha's extra legal OC requirements.
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