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Thread: OT: Shooting at Johns Hopkins Hospital

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    OT: Shooting at Johns Hopkins Hospital

    This hits really close to home. I myself work downtown across the street from the building, and I have friends who work in the building the shooting took place today.

    Basically, some guy was unhappy with the treatment his mother was getting, so he shot the doctor that was tending to his mother, then barricaded himself in the hospital.

    No one else was injured; the doctor is undergoing surgery and will be ok.

    The gun man was just reportedly killed by police at 12:51EST.

    And this is why I've always thought (and hoped) that if one day I do become a doctor/dentist, I could CC while on the job. Yes I realize OC'ing a gun while at work (especially in a hospital) is not the best idea for many reasons (sanitation, contamination, mobility, etc.), but I can't help but wonder, would the situation turned out different had someone near-by was CC'ing? Or would it just mean more people dead?

    Anyways, I first heard of the news over the police radio scanner; they called in anyone and everyone, to the point they were calling in units from nearby precincts to help with 911 calls.

    To everyone out there, stay safe, stay alert, stay ready

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    It's MD... They'll use this to push tougher gun laws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnoWeenie View Post
    It's MD... They'll use this to push tougher gun laws.
    True. The AMA was partially behind is my understanding. They even have it on some forms in hospitals "Do you have a firearm in the home?" I usually have my wife put in "Which home?" Not that we own more than one...just f'ing with thier heads.

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