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Thread: University Dorms

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    University Dorms

    I understand that Nevada law allows colleges withing the Nevada System of Higher Education to prohibit firearms except where expressed written permission is granted, But if a student lives in a university dormitory, could an arguments be made that prohibition of firearms in their residence even though on university grounds would be unconstitutional? For instance, UNLV shouldn't be allowed to restrict the lawful possession of firearms for those residing in the dormitory any more than my landlord can tell me I cant have a firearm in my apartment. Also, if they cannot constitutionally prohibit firearms in a students on campus residence, that student must also have a lawful means to transport their firearm to and from their residence.

    This really doesn't effect me, but it raises an interesting question.

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    This does not apply to me either, and I cannot answer your question. However, my un-official policy has always remained "DADT".
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    I think where dorm residents get screwed is the law itself. The law doesn't allow the schools to prohibit firearms, rather the law itself prohibits the firearm until the President of the school makes an exception. The law prohibits possession at college the exact way possession is prohibited at a K-12 school.

    One would have to argue that the school is negligent (can't think of a better word) by not issuing exceptions/premissions where they're permitted to by law, but since they're not obligated to issue said permissions then someone suing would be fighting an uphill battle.

    Unfortunately, the law is one their side.

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    yeah, this annoys the heck out of me

    adults, with permits are sitting ducks when on Campus.

    Biella, the guy who was raping girls on campus at gunpoint, & killed Brianna Denison while looking for more, had no problem with the carrying a gun on campus, yet we-who strive to obey laws are just supposed to be a good victim.

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