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Thread: Reseach info on Firearm Cases

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    Reseach info on Firearm Cases

    I found this information posed out on the internet at: I am posting it here for everyone in the Connecticut Forum to view. This information will provide a glimpse of what is currently being litigated in many jurisdictions across the country.

    The Internet Archive (IA) links are free to view and download pdf's. They are your best resource for obtaining current court filings on the cheap. Unfortunately they tend to be a couple days behind Pacer (requires subscription, cost .08/page viewed/downloaded).

    The dockets.justia links are good portals into Pacer, but not much good on their own.

    1) Palmer v. District of Columbia (DC CCW) SAF/Gura
    Case: 1:09-cv-01482
    Internet Achive
    Justia Summary:

    2) Benson v. Chicago (NRA) Post McDonald Daley Laws challenge
    Internet Archive Docket: 8/31/10 Uploaded Docs 26 & 32. Great Read!
    Justia Summary:

    3) Kachalsky v. Cacace (Filed 7/14/2010). NY CCW req's. SAF/Gura
    Case #: 7:10-cv-05413-CS Kachalsky et al v. Cacace et al
    Justia Summary:
    Internet Archive Docket: Docket updated 9/11/10

    4) Nordyke v. King 07-15763 (CA 2A Gov't Sensitive Places) Davis/Kilmer, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
    Internet Archive: ??
    Justia Summary: Updated 9/3/2010

    5) Sykes v. McGinness (CA CCW) SAF/Gura
    2:09-cv-01235-MCE-KJM Sykes et al v. McGinness et al
    Internet Achive
    Justia Summary:

    6) Peņa v. Cid (CA) Gura/Kilmer, challenging CA handgun roster.
    Internet Achive

    7) Peruta v. County of San Diego (CA), challenging San Diego County residency requirement for CCW.

    8) Woolard v. Sheridan (MD CCW) SAF/Gura
    Internet Achive Updated 8/26/10
    Justia Summary:

    9) Jacobs v. Reed (CA CCW)
    Internet Archive
    Justia Summary:

    10) Peterson v. LaCabe (CO), challenging CO residency requirement for CCW. mdshooters & calguns own Gray Peterson is the Plaintiff
    Internet Archive
    Justia Summary

    11) Bateman v. Perdue (NC Emergency Powers) SAF/Gura
    Internet Achive
    Justia Summary

    12) Ezell v. City of Chicago (Gun Range prohibition in Chicago) SAF/Gura
    1:10-cv-05135 Ezell et al., v. City of Chicago.
    Internet Achive Added/Updated 9/16/10 Item 35
    Justia Summary

    13) Heller v. District of Columbia (aka Heller II...Assault Weapons, High Capacity Magazines, etc) US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit docket 10-7036
    Internet Archive:
    Amicus Brief (MSI et al) July 30, 2010:

    14) D'Cruz v. McCraw et al, nee D'Cruz v. BATFE (TX CCW restrictions for 18-20 year olds) NRA Updated 9/11/10
    Internet Archive: Added/Uploaded 9/11/10

    15) Mishaga v. Monken (IL, non-resident prohibition on possession of firearms due to lack of FOID) MOUNTAIN STATES LEGAL FOUNDATION
    Internet Archive:

    16) Baker v. Biaggi (NV, Does Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to possess functional firearms in tents within state park)
    Case: 3:10-cv-00426-ECR-RAM Baker v. Biaggi et al
    Internet Archive: Uploaded/updated 9/16/10

    17) Hanson v. DC (DC Handgun Roster. OBE?

    18) Maloney v Rice (NY Nunchucks)

    19) State Ammunition Inc. v. Lindley

    20) Torraco v. Port Authority of NY

    21) "Bigtoe416 v. Garcia (CA Gun Free School Zone 1000ft regs) 8/28/2010 This one is 'hot off the presses'.

    This information is designed only as an Index (not necessarily commentary) for the multitude of 2A cases currently running.

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    That last one, Bigtoe416....... I thought you were pulling our leg on that one.

    A good research tool even if a bit pricey.

    If people are going to consider purchasing, maybe we can share the docs and not re-purchase them. Public records, so I'm assuming it's legal to share them.


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