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Thread: I think we should coin a new phrase... 21%'ers (or 79%'ers)

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    I think we should coin a new phrase... 21%'ers (or 79%'ers)

    Considering in 1998 79% of the voters in Wisconsin voted for one of the countries most clear and simply stated affirmations of the right to keep and bear arms... amending Wisconsin's constitution: "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation or any other lawful purpose" Article 1 Section 25 Wisconsin Constitution

    I propose we call those who don't support the right to carry "21%ers" and those that do support the right to carry 79%'ers.

    I think people who don't support the right to keep and bear arms should be have a nice descriptor to demonstrate they are in the minority. Wisconsin Carry, Inc. is not affiliated with or these web forums. Questions about discussion forum policy or forum moderation should be directed to the owners of not Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

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    I like it!

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    Out of the 21% , If asked do you have a right to defend yourself from harm, what would the percentage drop to.

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    Many of us don't trumpet Article I section 25 enough. Niether do we prostitute the fact that the right to carry amendment carried 79% of the citizens vote. In the political arena that is a phenominal margin, yet it went largely unnoticed in the liberal reporting media. Just as the ratification of the amendment received little media notice. Time for us to act as the town criers as Nik suggests.

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    2 oners or 7 niners. I like it

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    I agree. The key figures:



    This refutes the most common arguments I hear.

    'the 2nd amendment is so old it isn't needed any more'
    'no one wants gun rights'

    That with the well written wording itself makes them at least pause and think for a moment before I am then accused of making them feel uncomfortable. I then whip out a hanky and tell them to cry about it,

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