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Thread: I've been a little "busy"

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    I've been a little "busy"

    For the regulars that have seen my posts and research, you may have wondered where I disappeard to.

    Well I'm in college, as some of you know, and took more than a full course load over the summer term. The last class day before mid terms my wife of seven years, the one who is just as into firearms and preparations for a breakdown in society, asked for a divorce and moved out of the house. Needless to say I was in shock for several weeks and then behind the power curve through the end of the quarter....but managed to salvage my grades and only drop one course down to a B.

    The lessons I've learned (two of the three apply on this board)?

    1) Keep your gunsafe locked when you're not home, even if your wife is. She took all of "her" guns (okay) and 180 ounces of Silver that were also stored in the safe. Better yet, have "his and hers" gun safes.

    2) Don't trust your financial advisor or the statements that they send out. After she asked for the divorce I found out that our "joint" account was actually 95% in her name only and that I had access to a mere 5% of the over $200,000 in investments.

    3) Have a lawyer already lined up to represent you should you need representation in a firearms case (one you have talked with and who will represent you). It took me two weeks to get a divorce lawyer that I could see.....with her having "locked up" the finances and with plans to leave the country, that was certainly stressful.....imagine the stress level should you be sitting in jail on a bogus firearms charge and trying to find a lawyer NOW. I had the yellow pages, friends, the internet, and even my corporate CEO sister as resources to get to an attorney and it still took two weeks. Who are you going to get with the limited resources available to you in a jail cell?

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    That is some good advice.

    Hang in there and stay positive. My thoughts are with you.

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