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Thread: GOA & NRA endorse Christine O'Donnell for Senate!

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    GOA & NRA endorse Christine O'Donnell for Senate!

    So im a bit jelous that you guys actually have a pro-2A candidate running. I know she faces an up hill battle but it seems to me the momentum is on her side.

    Here in Illinois we got stuck choosing between a gun grabbing RINO or a gun grabbing Socialist. Hope gun owners show up to the polls in DE to offset the Senator elect from IL. Hey can Christine do any worse than Joe Biden? lol

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    More of the same?

    You might want to delve into her background.

    She has a lot of issues, which makes me beg the question, we are supposed to be voting the bums out, not voting them in... right?

    Example of issues:
    Previous campaign, Federal Elections Commission cited her for rules infractions. Presently using her home for her campaign office, and using campaign funds for rent and utilities (supposedly another violation of rules.)
    Mother on the campaign payroll. (supposedly a violation of the rules.)
    Fed Income Tax issues.
    Foreclosed on, and then sold the home to her boyfriend at the time, one month before the Sheriff's Auction. Lost a $90,000 lawsuit over the mortgage.
    Filed huge lawsuit against not-for-profit former employer claiming gender discrimination. The former employer countered she was running her for profit public-relations firm from their office. She dropped the suit, claiming mental anguish and lack of money to pursue it...
    Lied about her education (She did not attend Oxford University, and did not work towards a Masters at Princeton.) She did not graduate Fairleigh Dickinson University until 2010, although she claimed to have graduated before 2006. The degree was not awarded, supposedly, due to her lack of paying all dues to the college.
    And hired a political consulting firm which claimed her Republican Primary candidate was gay.

    Is this the right candidate for the job?
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    If she goes to DC and does nothing else but occupy a chair and vote against the socialists... ummm, I mean democrats... then she's the right candidate. IMO. YMMV.

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