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Thread: The benefits of joining Licking County Open Carry Club

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    The benefits of joining Licking County Open Carry Club

    Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Emerson

    In these times open carriers are indeed creating a trail, rather than just following the path.

    We at LCOCC have no real ambition of becoming the largest gun rights organization on the block, just an effective one for our cause. We would rather have a small group of people who actually are willing to make positive progress in the area of open carry and gun rights in general than a large group of people willing to do nothing.

    Below are just some of the benefits of joining LCOCC.

    1. We do not have membership dues. We are not about money.

    2. Our group members are active in other gun rights organizations besides LCOCC. This is important because it keeps us up on relevant current events across Ohio and the United States.

    3. It is a chance to socialize with like minded people. Even if you are on gun forums it is nice to not just be a name on a message board. We are real people with families, concerns etc. just like you.

    4. We can have a positive effect on the community and also break the stereotype of gun owners.

    5. We help you overcome the fear that may stop you from OCing in the first place. We have discovered there are a lot of people wanting to OC but quite frankly are afraid to do it. Many fear a negative reaction from the local police. Our members have done plenty to let the local law enforcement know that not only that OC is legal, but any harassment will literally be under the microscope of thousands in the 2A activist community and as a group we will not stand for our rights being trampled.

    Be sure and check out our Blog at

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    Thumbs up

    LCOCC is by far the best OC group I've met up with.

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