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Thread: Michigan Residents w/ CPLs -- How often do you open carry?

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    Michigan Residents w/ CPLs -- How often do you open carry?

    To those who have CPLs, how often do you open carry outside of the home/car?

    Subtract out the times when your situation doesn't allow you to. For example, if your work doesn't allow the possession of a firearm.

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    At least every day.

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    During the summer 6 days a week... during the school year a couple evenings a week and most Saturdays.
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    Everyday... everywhere I go that OC is legal. Oddly enough I avoid the places where it isn't legal.... same as I would avoid the plague.

    But with a CPL open carry is rather convenient...

    I have a very high level of respect for those who do not have a CPL.... and still open carry.
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    Whenever I'm alone. My wife supports CC, but does not support OC. Therefore, whenever I leave the house and I am not with her I typically OC. Approximately 40% of the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikenut View Post
    I have a very high level of respect for those who do not have a CPL.... and still open carry.
    I do too! I'd hate to have to "disarm" every time I get into a vehicle and the sheer number of liquor-licensed gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants would certainly cause me to sometimes go with "no-carry". I OC about 80%-90% of the time I carry and CC the remainder.
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    I don't CC unless Im at church.

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    Over the course of the year it probably evens out to 50/50. When it's really hot out I don't like to wear a tucked in shirt so it's often CC during the height of summer. In the cooler times it's OC but as jacket weather approaches it is often CC unless the jacket comes off.

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    In the summer time i oc'd alot. But for the past month or so i just felt like cc'ing.

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    I'm lucky in that I have guns to match what I'm wearing and the seasons, so concealing is never a bother. If I had fewer options, my percentage would be much much higher.

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