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Thread: I fixed some of my guns, shot them today!

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    I fixed some of my guns, shot them today!

    you may remember my thread about 6 out of 7 guns breaking down last time i shot.
    i just found a nice Pit, only 5 miles from my house.
    got up early, worked on my car, and my guzzi, had breakfast, and drove up into the woods.
    tanfoglio gt380, got jammed up last time, my fix proved out 100%, worked fine.
    grendel p12 in 380, had to rework the DAO trigger to draw the hammer farther, works great!
    tec-22 machine pistol, reworked the firing pin, it shoots now, but ive got an extractor problem.
    p-38 still having some feeding problems, i think the mag lips need some tuning.
    star modelo super, still light strikes, it seems this ones spring is weaker than the other.
    i made a spacer to put under the spring to preload it and get more pressure.
    the other star modelo super, works great every time, so problems at all.
    i shot up a bunch of my 1977 ball ammo, then tested it with the CCI blazer, worked fine.
    i bought a box of 9x23 winchester, its is supposed to be much more powerful than 9mm largo,
    but it didnt seem to have more kick than i was used too.
    FNP45, shot finochi ball, then JHP, the ranger +P talon, always flawless.
    AK47, wasted a bunch brown bear, and some of the silver bear i just bought.
    didnt try bump fire today, but shooting el rapido, will push me back!
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    Good...then we need to meet up with this Squeak guy I keep hearing about and shoot up his place.!

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    Was this one of yours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trigger Dr View Post
    Was this one of yours?
    That's an odd looking open top.....

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