This story is what's happening here in Tulsa.
Basically two kids come in to a convenience store armed with rifles and attempted to hold up the place. It's always tragic when a child makes bad decisions and pays the price for it. The point I believe that needs to be made here is, it's not always going to be a big burley thug who will threaten your life or that of your family. No matter the age, and armed criminal is still just as capable of taking your life so be prepared, stay diligent and keep pushing for positive legislation to regain our Second Amendment Right.

I have my CCL and carry everyday. But legislation that allows me to carry thus, is still against the Constitution of the United States of America. Don't forget that. Our Second Amendment right is not to be limited in anyway. So Oklahomans tell your Legislature what you want and ask them to tell you how they stand on the point.

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