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Thread: If you haven't joined Wisconsin Carry Inc. JOIN NOW!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by polekat View Post
    Does a founder membership get you a certificate of membership?

    A certificate of membership (with member name and member number) on 100 percent acid free paper that I can frame and display in a prominent easily seen place in my home would be great. Signed by Nik (a real signature-not a stamp please).

    Hats wear out, but I still want one.
    For you would have to donate $250. Just joking of course, but there is an idea to be had there. I know things are really busy, esp. now, for the WCI-BOD, but there was talk of creating a higher level to recognize those that are willing to give significantly more than $100.

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    I am just guessing, but wouldn't a high quality certificate's greatest cost be in the initial design. Something tasteful...not elaborate. Such a certificate should be a reminder to pass on to others.

    I'd pay extra...within reason ;-)

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