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Thread: Hello From Utah!

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    Hello From Utah!

    I will be visiting PA, Ohio and WV (Maybe NC) on business trips quite frequently soon. I OC here in Utah much more than I CC as I enjoy it more, and it often turns into a good discussion when asked. I do have my Utah CFP.

    I am actually from Chillecothe originally, and have just last year returned to find some relatives after being gone since I was a child. It sure does feel like coming home when I visit Ohio

    After reading some stories on this forum, it seems Ohio is gun friendly and OC friendly. Most of my visits will be around the Chillecothe area.

    Any words of warning or advice regarding OC or CC? How are OOSWAG (out of staters with a gun) regarded?

    Look forward to hearing from you.....


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    OCers have made great strides in Ohio.

    I'm not from the area you will be visiting, but MOST of the trouble between OCers & police seem to be in Northern Ohio.

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    Legal minefield in Ohio

    Ohio's gun laws can be a legal minefield for uninitiated visitors from states with more relaxed carry laws. Please be aware of the Byzantine car carry rules under Ohio Rev. Code 2923.16 and the no-carry zones under O.R.C. 2923.126(B).
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