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Thread: Why nothing gets done in madison

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    Why nothing gets done in madison

    The article I read said the police had to check and make sure the individuals could possess firearms because of the complaint. HMMMMM, if this is true the police would have to stop every vehicle at every corner to see if the driver has a license, has been drinking, is wearing corrective lenses if required, etc., etc. uppon a complaint.....any complaint. And to make my point, how would anything get done?

    Get every dollar you can from each officer, the PD, the DA, the city and anyone that violated your right to carry. It is the only thing they understand. The security you had was on your hip and the police deprived you of that. Where were they if you needed protection? It sure doesn't sound like they were there to protect the people in the restaurant and they would have been late as usual if a threat had occurred.

    Thank you for keeping up the fight for our rights.


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    Well said. Keep the pressure up.

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    That's exactly the point I am trying to make to people when I talk about this event. I don't want to live in a country where you have to establish the legality of everything you do.

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