(Happened at "Get Some")
This old boy shooting his 300 mag Rifle he built himself blow up in his hands on it's first shot! The man did not get seriously hurt, but his face was bleeding from the force of the stock hitting his face, and/or the blast from the power charge, I guess? (didn't ask)
I never heard a gun make a noise like that, and never saw part of the stock flying down range some 15 yards. He was still standing on his feet and his face was covered in blood when I came to see how he was doing. This guy from a generation of men who don't yell or curse, or even jump around saying my face is bleeding after a gun blew up in his face.
Kudos to him! :thumbsup: I hope to be that tough when I am 75 plus, and this guy is a "Backyard GunSmith" not his first time at the rodeo as far as building a rifle. Crap happens! :huh: