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Thread: Question: North Las Vegas, Vegas Strip

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    Question Question: North Las Vegas, Vegas Strip

    I am new to the whole "Open Carry" movement as I just purchased my first firearm this week and want to open carry. A Smith & Wesson M&P .45, in point of fact. For those who live in Las Vegas, Nevada - here is a point of reference. I live up near Tenaya/Alexander.

    Now here's my question. How is "Open Carry" treated up here in Northern Las Vegas? I'm concerned because nobody seems to have a straight answer regarding this subject. Can I open carry without fear of harassment? Can I have the pistol chambered or not?

    Same questions in relation to the Vegas Strip.

    The last thing I want is to wind up in jail. Advice on this will be VERY appreciated.

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    SB 92 is pretty clear, but I'm led to believe that some officers are not aware in the communist republic of North Las Vegas.

    Legislative Counsel’s Digest:
    1 Assembly Bill No. 147 of the 1989 Legislative Session (Chapter 308, Statutes
    2 of Nevada 1989, p. 653) reserved for the Legislature the rights and powers
    3 necessary to regulate the transfer, sale, purchase, possession, ownership,
    4 transportation, registration and licensing of firearms and ammunition in this State.
    5 However, section 5 of Assembly Bill No. 147 provided that the preemptive effect
    6 of the bill applied only to ordinances or regulations adopted by local governments
    7 on or after June 13, 1989. This bill amends that section to include and preempt
    8 ordinances or regulations adopted by local governments before June 13, 1989.
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    North Las Vegas

    I live in North Las Vegas and open carry all the time.

    Never have a problem with NLV PD

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    Same. I open carry a majority of the time, and typically I don't get hassled (store clerks might hassle you). DO what I did. Call North Las Vegas Police Department, ask them if they are enforcing that unconstitutional law. I was told no, and I wrote down the name, badge/employee #, and the date time of when I spoke to them.

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