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Thread: How young criminals are nurtured....

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    How young criminals are nurtured....

    Juvenile thug in Kent: ‘Gun culture’ didn’t create this little jerk

    "According to the Seattle Times, an unidentified juvenile was arraigned Thursday morning for allegedly robbing four other youths at a McDonald’s on Sept. 11, with a pellet gun...

    "...The Times report says that the 15-year-old suspect is, or at least was, a student at Kent-Meridian High School. His victims were all 14 years old, and what the alleged thug wanted was their cell phones, so he could later sell them. When we were kids, we didn’t have cell phones. We had pellet guns, but we knew you didn’t rob people with them.

    Or try this:

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    Is this is the inevetible? Is this is what our world is coming to? If not caught the next step is from pellet to 45, this is why I carry. They have a blatent disregard for anyone else. Parenting is hard, but not that hard your kids cant be taught morals, manners and respect.
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    We all had pellet guns when we were kids but we also had Dads that would beat the living hell out of us if we got out of line.That is the differance in our generation and that of the little bastards that pull this kind of crap. Once again government in all of its benevolence has screwed the pooch.
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