As many of you know, I am currently running to be a Utah State Senator. I have seen a number of things in our political system that need to be fixed and, like the naive soldier I am, find myself running toward the sound of the guns with the desire and tools to fix them.

I have been an active member of this board for a few years now and many of you know my position on guns. A quick search will show the rest that I am not just a political opportunist. Another pro-gun member of our State Senate will give us the needed strength to grant Constitutional Carry and clarify state law in many other related areas. I fully intend to make Open and Concealed Carry more available and the Utah CFP accepted in many more states.

These campaigns are not cheap and I do not have an extra $30,000 laying around to pay for it myself. I'm just an average guy trying to earn a living in these tough economic times. A small check or a donation through Paypal would do a lot return Utah to the original intent of the 2nd Amendment. Please donate through my web site at:

Sam Fidler
for Utah Senate District 5