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Thread: Mayor Fenty is GONE... BUT....

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    Mayor Fenty is GONE... BUT....

    Well, the outcomes of the recent DC Democratic Primary for the mayoral race seem to show that Mayor Adrian Fenty will NOT be on the ballot this time around. That in and of itself is perhaps the best news that DC has heard since "Heller". Fenty isn't as much as an evil, corrupt freedom-grabbing scumbag as he is a photogenic puppet for his NWO masters, but no matter how you paint Adrian Fenty, he is an enemy of Liberty, so his ouster can't be a bad thing, right?

    Well, the fellow who WON the primary in DC is perhaps cut from the same sold-out cloth as Fenty. Vincent Gray, a DC Council Member, is an old hand in DC politics, and his advanced degrees in Psychology and intense interest in "reforming the DC school system" make him sound like just the sort of psych-warfare tool (and I mean "tool" in the worst possible connotation...) that Fenty's masters would love to have at the end of their evil, blood-soaked Geppetto-like strings...

    Gray was one of the most vocal DC Councilmen to speak out against the DC Voting Rights Bill this past April (the one that would have struck down DC's gun ban on the Federal level). Gray sees his constituency as a herd of sheep that need to be led to the slaughter, rather than as free citizens who have the FUNDAMENTAL human right of self defense, and the RKBA. He is, like Fenty, a self-annointed oligarch with utter disdain for his constituency and abject hatred of personal responsibility and individual rights. His record speaks for itself...

    And he even had the gall to come out and admit in a press release that the DC Council was going to do everything they could to skirt the SCotUS ruling from "Heller", and do whatever they wanted to keep a de-facto ban in place:

    And with the recent news stories that US AG Eric Holder publicly admitted that he voted for Gray, I think we all know who's side Gray is REALLY on.

    And it's NOT the side of Freedom...

    But at least he's not another shaved-head Kemetic High Priest look-alike like Fenty, Kashkari, Paulson, and Carville. Every time I see these shaved-headed, duplicitous, back-stabbing Haters of Freedom on TV, I think of the bad guy (High Priest Imhotep) in "The Mummy", and can't help but make the connection--golden calves, human sacrifice, and all...

    But we all need to remember that a change in the nameplate on the Mayor's office doesn't necessarily mean ANY changes in policy for the better--and in fact, in this case, the "Change" DC sees may be MUCH, much worse that what they had before...
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