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Thread: Do you carry a knife? That's part of the 2A also!

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    Do you carry a knife? That's part of the 2A also!

    ‘Arms’ are not just firearms; knives and the 2A wrap-up GRPC

    It was off to a roaring start, and it ended with more bang for the buck than one might imagine; the 25th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference generated excitement, lots of networking, and a reminder and warning that the Second Amendment is not just about guns.

    Sunday’s program opened with a presentation by the folks at Knife Rights, a fledgling group that is now doing battle with a prosecutor in New York over the Draconian knife rules he has imposed. The organization got full support from those attending GRPC, when its founder, Doug Ritter, told the audience, “It is our Second Amendment, too.”

    Or try this:

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    I do, I either carry my old Boy Scout pocket knife or a multi tool.

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    no I do not. I have put consideration into buying something that would serve as a backup to the pistol. Just haven't taken the next step and done it yet.

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    Heh. Of course I carry a knife! I've carried a knife since I was a Cub Scout in the early '50s...

    to the Buck 110 and Camus USAF Survival knife in 'Nam, and my little Paul knife these days...

    A knife is an essential tool for everyday life. I've even whipped 'em out in restaurants when a steak has turned out to be too much for the lousy edgeware provided.
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    I wouldn't ever be caught without one, they are just too useful. I use mine every day for opening boxes and packages and if nothing else as a fine point prying device.

    And while some may consider it slightly redundant i also carry a Leatherman Surge as well because you never know when you might need to fix something.

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    Not so much in VA, or several other states. When VA went 'shall issue' they changed the permit from CWP to CHP. Knives and martial arts weapons came out of the code. Now we are limited to short or exposed knives. Yes I know this is the OC forum. Just saying that states have a long way to go to recognize weapons other than firearms for SD. We hear about firearm SD all the time. How many cases of knife SD do you hear about? There is an institutional bias against knives and other weapons that makes firearms look like spaghetti noodles. Think 'West Side Story' and how it spawned 'switchblade' laws all across the country.
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    probably because a knife is a bad idea in general for a self defense tool, but can be very effective as an offensive weapon. Personally I keep a 3.5" blade on me at all times as a general tool and if need be self defense tool, but I have tried to ensure that I would be able to effectively use it as such.

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    I've carried a knife in some form every day for the last 30 years.

    Oddly enough, it's never jumped out of my pocket and attacked anyone!!

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    I usually have 4 or 5 on my person at any given time. Remember, "2 is 1 and 1 is none."

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    This is Louisiana, my SISTER carries a knife! I have most always carried one. These days it is a SOG Twitch and a Leatherman Blast. Both blades are shortened to 2½" to meet laws/rules of places I go.

    I carry a knife as a tool. If I ever have to use it as a weapon, I can assure you that it's because I have no other avenue left to me.
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