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Thread: Lawyers bond at [Dodge County Bar Association Schuetzenfest] shooting event

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    Lawyers bond at [Dodge County Bar Association Schuetzenfest] shooting event

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    Neat article. Maybe we can put some of those guys on our "list".


    Lex malla, lex nulla

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    Cool Nothing can hide from Doug

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Huffman View Post
    You must have some type of underground connections, via computer, maybe your fiber optics go in a different direction than ours, (okay people be nice with this comment) because you always find the answer to statute when members need answers immediately, or the ability to bring to our attention article's that are way out and unbelievable.

    By the way, who looks for attorneys and judges shooting next to each other at a range with guns anyway? Who would want to be in attendance when attorneys and judges have firearms, given the animosity and with all the arguing of their cases in court, and with some of the judges decisions handed down, that are personal opinions and not based on past law, you wouldn't think this would happen without some type of injury. LOL

    I thought the pen was mightier then the sword!!!

    But the best of all, what I like about Doug, is how Doug has the ability to snap you back to reality when your discussion becomes opinions rather than a discussion guided by case law and statute.

    Doug you sit back and read whatís written on this forum, and when the time is right, you have the ability to bring members back to the topic, and sometimes you do this smoothly, but most of the time itís done with harshness, (compliment) which is sometimes needed, (like the slap in the back of the head my old man used to give me while growing up on the farm, as to say, hay, pay attention son or youíll get someone killed) in order to get the discussion back focused.

    Too many times I've seen the discussions on a topic become a personal opinion rather than being a discussion based on law.

    Way to go Doug, keep us informed on the weird stuff and within the law and we'll keep carrying safely.

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