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Thread: Police charge five "legal" open carry citizens

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    Police charge five "legal" open carry citizens

    Police charge five "legal" open carry citizens in Wisconsin - victims need your support

    On Monday, September 20, 2010, we received the sad news that the Ft. St. Clair gun club in Eaton, Ohio is closing. While we lament the loss of another range, we were touched that one of their final acts was to give a generous donation of $2,500 to Buckeye Firearms Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to defending your firearm rights.

    At almost the same time, we received word of a truly horrifying abuse of police power that occurred in Wisconsin over the weekend.

    Five members of Wisconsin Carry Inc., a state firearms rights group in Wisconsin, were legally open carrying in their local Culvers restaurant when a dreaded "man with a gun" call was made to the local police.

    Listening to the 911 call, it is 100% clear that the police knew these five citizens were not violating any laws.


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    How is this even possible? Where do these "local" yokels with their Millitary attitudes get off going against Federal Law under the ruse of "disorderly conduct"? I hope they get sued and set an example letting everyone know that this behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and people have the right to OPENLY CARRY. I will be closely following this travesty of justice...

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