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Thread: how to promte this site

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    how to promte this site

    Is anyone familiar with Meta tags, if not please google "meta tags" and read a little. These are words that search engines use to grab a site as relevant to a search. At the bottom of a thread you will see the TAGS: box

    Let's say we post a thread on College carry. You can add tags like : college carry, CCW's in college, University allows carry, and so on.

    This allows the search engines to grab the relevant key word or Meta tag and include this site in google or other search engine searches. This will increase the chance that those who don't know about this site and are searching will get this site listed in their search. There is a greater chance to gain more supporters and members thus increasing our political standings and political influence.

    It will also increase the google rankings for this site.

    NOTE: tags are updated every 8 hours to every day depending on the time to re-populate servers on the internet.


    Separate tags using a comma. You may add 5 tag(s) to this thread.
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