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Thread: Another antigunner who just doesnt get it....

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    Another antigunner who just doesnt get it....

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    I left a comment..
    Matt Beaty and the general public need to realize that their phobia of guns is no more significant than a fear of spiders, snakes, bees or even clowns. There is no Constitutionally affirmed right to be free from the presence of any of these things. Contrary to Diane Feinstein, Americans have no fundamental right to feel "safe". Often times this safe fuzzy feeling that so many are accustomed to is a result of them being oblivious to the threats around them. There are likely violent felons around them on occasion with concealed firearms but since they can not see these weapons and are not aware of them, they feel safe. What is a more valid right? The right to be oblivious or the essential human right of self defense? Of course this is rhetorical. Our right to bear arms for self defense is affirmed by the WI State Constitution. If a lethal threat presents itself while you are out in public doing your normal mundane tasks and you are forced to defend your life, this right is useless if your handgun is locked up at home.

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