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Thread: OC'ing while hiking..

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    OC'ing while hiking..


    I've been lurking these forums for a while but this will be my first post.

    I would like to OC while hiking in my area and/or state parks but don't wanna run into any trouble with the law.

    Do I need a hunting license to go in the woods with my pistol in an OWB holster in plain sight?

    Anything I should know before I do it?

    I've never even been hiking around here before so I'm clueless..

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    well open carry is leagal in ohio and unless you shooting animals no need for a liscience. call your local sheriff to make sure, but i say go for it

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    You might want to check further and I do NOT recommend using your local LEO as a source.
    See below link for reference on state parks.

    Recently, the Ohio legislature passed HB-12 over Governor Taft's veto, thus preempting all local open carry bans even in Ohio's "home rule" localities. Unfortunately, despite passage of HB-12, a permit to conceal is still required to openly carry a handgun in a vehicle.

    I did not come up with the specific statutes. Anyone more familiar with the Ohio codes?

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