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Thread: Like minded people .. helping like minded people

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    Like minded people .. helping like minded people

    I have noticed an increase of friends who are having a rough time in the current job market. I am wondering if anyone else would agree with having a section on the forums not for a help wanted section but maybe a place where folks could say " hey, where I work is hiring" or " I read this today and I know --- is looking for work and it might be a good fit".

    I know myself I will be looking for some additional technicians this winter most likely and I was planning on posting something when the time comes.

    I was just thinking about this and thought if I am going to hire people, why not hire people that most likely think somewhat like me.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

    - Knowledge is power and there IS strength in numbers -

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    - Thomas Jefferson

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    Send you idea to the owners of this site and ask what they think.

    It doesn't matter what we guests here think about it at all.

    stay safe.

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    Pretty much what skidmark said.

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    I really like your idea. It's nice to know people are trying to look out for each other on here.

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