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Thread: My wife OC'd all day today!

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    My wife OC'd all day today!

    I love it when she tells me things like this. Today she had a couple of guys come over to estimate some landscaping, so she tucked her 642 in her pants and had it there the whole time the guys were there. She went to Wally World and decided to keep it in her waist band (usually she puts it in her pocket) with the butt sticking out for all to see. She said she got a kick out of seeing al the suburbanites staring at the little 5'2" 125 lb chick with the .38 in her pants. My wife rocks!!!

    Don't tread on her!
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    I think my wife will be a dedicated CC'er. She's not into the OC thing. But she was sporting my G19 in an OWB beltslide the other day. Just getting used to carrying and seeing if she likes that style holster. We were out clothes shopping last week and she was looking for cover garments. There's something very attractive about a well armed woman. lol

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    Sweet! Glad to know that some women out there get it. I don't think too many of them my age do though... :/

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    Your absolutely right, I get turned on by my wife every time we go to the shooting range. Something about women and guns.

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    My wife will most likely be a CC'er, but is double concerned because she is a Medical provider at an area Hospital with a DEA Rx License and State Certifications. She is afraid any attention to CC/OC could cost her job and livelyhood. I say, so can a criminal.

    Besides she thinks OC'ing is "my little fantasy."
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    my gf oc sometimes if she want me to buy her something... lol

    but most the time when she oc, guys just sleaze on her. lol

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