With the election coming up real soon now I thought I'd open a thread to discuss how well the candidates are on our civil rights, especially the right to self defense. I wish to see all candidates that affect Iowans discussed but I'll open the discussion with the gubernatorial race. Governor Culver has been endorsed by the NRA based on his signing of the shall issue law. Branstad has the Iowa Gun Owners endorsement based on the answers to a survey given to him by the organization.

What I want to know is how these two candidates have voted on civil rights in the past and what do they claim to do for us in the future. Has either candidate stated an intention to sign unlicensed open carry, or constitutional carry, legislation if given to them? The NRA's endorsement on Culver seems based only on the signing of shall issue, but has Culver given any indication of doing more in the future?

Oh, and US Rep. Loebasck has to go. How does his competition stack up?