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Thread: Dallas cops show some integrity.

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    Dallas cops show some integrity.

    Several police officers in Dallas caught by their own dashcam allegedly beating a man will face criminal charges.

    Three cops -- Officers Kevin Ray Randolph, Paul Gregory Bauer and Henry Walter Duetsch -- will be slapped with felony tampering or fabricating physical evidence charges, the Dallas Morning News reported on Thursday.

    According to WFAA News 8 in Dallas, one of the officers shifted the camera at one point to hide the victim from view, which likely explains how they were charged.

    "Every citizen deserves a measure of respect," Chief David Brown said on Thursday, the Dallas Morning News reports. "I expect citizens to hold me accountable for insuring that Dallas officers treat all citizens with fairness and compassion."

    Officer Randolph has been fired, he added. Bauer and Duetsch may also be let go after the Internal Affairs investigation has concluded.

    The incident occurred on Sept. 5. Police pursued 28-year-old Andrew Joseph Collins as he was riding a motorcycle, which reportedly violated Dallas police guidelines, according to WFAA News 8 in Dallas.

    On the video obtained by the Dallas Morning News, two cops are seen exiting their vehicle and pouncing on Collins, who had gotten off the motorcycle and laid down on the ground. One officer is seen striking the victim several times, while the other delivers several punches.

    Three other police officers, Jeremy James Francis, Robert James Kamphouse and Daniel Stephen Malouf, were placed on restricted duty because of their alleged involvement, the Dallas Morning News said.

    According to News 8, supervisors only learned of the incident after an anonymous note was left on a sergeant's desk informing him of the recording. Most of the officers involved have only been on the job for under two years

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    OOPS!!! Damn those dash cams.
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