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Thread: Free speech group fights lawsuits vs. news sharers. By CRISTINA SILVA (AP)

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    Free speech group fights lawsuits vs. news sharers. By CRISTINA SILVA (AP)

    "This case is a particularly abusive instance of a broad and aggressive strategy by Stephens Media, working in conjunction with its 'little friend' Righthaven as its front and sham representative, to seek windfall recoveries of statutory damages and to exact nuisance settlements by challenging a fair use of an excerpt of an article that Stephens Media makes freely available on the Internet," says the counterclaim filed in Las Vegas federal court this week.

    Righthaven's chief executive officer, Steve Gibson, called EFF's claims "inflammatory."

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    Righthaven LLC is a "lawfirm" that exists solely to engage in predatory lawsuits and creating a chilling effect in alternative media. It is controlled by Warren Stephens, the billionaire CEO of Stephens Investments, a multi-generational dynastic investment firm which has capitalized on the raping and pillaging of the American economy for decades. He is also owns controlling interests in Stephens Media, the publisher of the Las Vegas Journal-Review.

    Mr. Stephens is primarily attacking websites and blogs in his lawsuits that are pro-gun, question anthropogenic global warming, are pro-states rights, pro-Republic, anti-federalist, and express dissent toward the current administration and the "banker bailout".

    Judging by the nature of the media outlets he is attacking, I think we all know which side of his bread the butter is on.

    He's attacked everyone from MotorWeek Magazine to Alex Jones to a volunteer service organization that offers aid to victims of trauma TIP. His greed, lust for control, and wanton disregard for academic and journalistic fair use are sociopathic in their expression. He's not even trying to cover his true agenda. He goes after people who "question authority", or are attempting to document goodness in our society--which are perceived as a threat to his Oligarchical Brethren of International Banksters.

    They've even filed suits for copyright infringement MONTHS before they actually filed for copyright on certain stories, like in the instance of their suit against NORML:

    Someone needs to shut this guy down. Someone with deep pockets needs to bring suit against him on a 1A infringement case. Someone needs to do everything possible to see that Mr. Stephens gets Judicially PWN3D...

    I'm officially putting this guy in the same category as George Soros and Bill Gates--globalist sociopaths who are hell-bent on destroying all Freedoms and Liberties, and who's sole motivation in life is to increase their own familial dynasties at ANY cost--including breaking the law, destroying entire industries, and committing egregious civil rights violations.
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