Would the clerk be fired if he protected himself by being armed and shot these thugs? Oh yeah this is in Oakland Cali. where it's next to impossible to to get a CCP, and OC is legal but your gun has to be empty. Don't they know thugs would know that, and know that the guy wouldn't have enough time to load it if he had one one him. If I were them I would carry discreetly, locked, loaded, shoot to kill, thank God I survived this armed attack, deal with the consequences, then ask the police (who are supposedly there to protect you) and the judge "WOULD YOU RATHER I BE DEAD? " and see what they would say. What assanine laws we have in this country that you can have a gun put in your face and the only thing your allowed by law to do is hope they don't pull the trigger. GOD HELP US ALL... http://video.foxnews.com/#/v/4356164...ylist_id=86856